All Saints, Hursley Hampshire - Quarter Peals

The data for these pages has come from Richard Thompson. They include those quarter peals rung from between 22 Dec 1996 and 9 Apr 2006 (when the ten bells were removed prior to augmentation). Further quarter peals will be added when the information is located.

Ringers who have rung quarter peals at Hursley

Ringers who have called quarter peals at Hursley

Methods rung to quarter peals at Hursley

Circling the tower to 12 bell quarter peals at Hursley

Hursley quarter peals in reverse date order

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27 Apr 2010Grandsire DoublesRosemary Hill
30 Mar 2010Plain Bob MinorAndrew Craddock
23 Mar 2010Plain Bob DoublesAndrew Craddock
27 Dec 2009Cambridge Surprise RoyalAndrew Craddock
25 Oct 2009Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
27 Sep 2009Plain Bob DoublesRosemary Hill
26 Jul 2009Spliced Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
12 Jul 2009Yorkshire Surprise MajorChristine Hill
28 Jun 2009Plain Bob DoublesChristine Saunders
14 Jun 2009Rutland Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
24 May 2009Grandsire CinquesChristine Hill
26 Apr 2009Cambridge Surprise MaximusRichard Thompson
12 Apr 2009Superlative Surprise MajorChristine Hill
07 Apr 2009Plain Bob DoublesChristine Saunders
11 Jan 2009Cambridge Surprise MajorPeter Hill
23 Nov 2008Newgate Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
28 Sep 2008London No.3 Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
27 Sep 2008Stedman CinquesRoy LeMarechal
03 Aug 2008Stedman TriplesAndrew Craddock
22 Jun 2008Cambridge Surprise MinorTony Smith
08 Jun 2008Bristol Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
26 May 2008Spliced Surprise MajorRosemary Hill
11 May 2008Bristol Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
29 Apr 2008Stedman CatersKen Warner
27 Apr 2008Yorkshire Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
23 Mar 2008Grandsire TriplesRosemary Hill
10 Feb 2008Bristol Surprise MajorPeter Hill
27 Jan 2008Lincolnshire Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
30 Dec 2007Yorkshire Surprise RoyalChristine Saunders
23 Dec 2007Cambridge Surprise RoyalCeri Salter
09 Dec 2007Lincolnshire Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
25 Nov 2007Lincolnshire Surprise MaximusChristine Hill
11 Nov 2007Stedman CatersDavid Salter
14 Oct 2007Stedman CinquesKen Warner
09 Sep 2007Spliced Surprise MajorChristine Saunders
12 Aug 2007Yorkshire Surprise MaximusPeter Hill
22 Jul 2007Stedman TriplesDavid Salter
08 Jul 2007Grandsire CinquesRosemary Hill
24 Jun 2007Cambridge Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
10 Jun 2007Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
27 May 2007Yorkshire Surprise RoyalAndrew Craddock
13 May 2007Grandsire CatersRosemary Hill
29 Apr 2007Stedman CatersKen Warner
22 Apr 2007Yorkshire Surprise MaximusPeter Hill
08 Apr 2007Yorkshire Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
25 Mar 2007Yorkshire Surprise MajorKen Warner
11 Mar 2007Cambridge Surprise RoyalPeter Hill
25 Feb 2007Yorkshire Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
15 Dec 2006Grandsire CinquesMark Esbester
10 Dec 2006Stedman CinquesAndrew Craddock
26 Nov 2006Spliced Surprise MajorChristine Hill
22 Oct 2006Grandsire CinquesTony Smith
10 Sep 2006Yorkshire Surprise MajorRichard Thompson
28 Aug 2006Cambridge Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
09 Apr 2006Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
26 Mar 2006Bristol Surprise MajorRichard Thompson
12 Feb 2006Cambridge Surprise RoyalKatie Hill
11 Dec 2005Spliced Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
13 Nov 2005Bristol Surprise MajorJon Hetherington
09 Oct 2005Plain Bob MajorAndrew Craddock
25 Sep 2005Grandsire CatersChristine Hill
11 Sep 2005Lincolnshire Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
28 Aug 2005Lincolnshire Surprise MajorTony Smith
24 Jul 2005Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
10 Jul 2005Yorkshire Surprise RoyalRosemary Hill
26 Jun 2005Yorkshire Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
12 Jun 2005Glasgow Surprise MajorTony Smith
29 May 2005Grandsire CatersChristine Hill
24 Apr 2005Superlative Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
10 Apr 2005London Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
27 Mar 2005Cambridge Surprise MinorPeter Hill
13 Mar 2005Cambridge Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
13 Feb 2005Spliced Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
30 Jan 2005Bristol Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
09 Jan 2005Pudsey Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
28 Nov 2004Grandsire CatersRichard Thompson
14 Nov 2004Erin CatersChristine Hill
24 Oct 2004Superlative Surprise MajorChristine Hill
26 Sep 2004Plain Bob MinorRosemary Hill
12 Sep 2004Lincolnshire Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
21 Aug 2004Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
08 Aug 2004Double Oxford Bob MinorPhilip Gorrod
11 Jul 2004Beverley Surprise MinorChristine Hill
27 Jun 2004Cambridge Surprise MajorPeter Hill
19 Jun 2004Stedman TriplesChristine Hill
09 May 2004London Surprise MinorAndrew Craddock
25 Apr 2004Grandsire CatersRichard Thompson
11 Apr 2004 MinorRichard Thompson
28 Mar 2004Yorkshire Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
22 Feb 2004Grandsire TriplesDavid Salter
08 Feb 2004Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
25 Jan 2004Spliced Surprise RoyalRichard Thompson
11 Jan 2004Grandsire CatersTony Smith
14 Dec 2003Superlative Surprise RoyalAndrew Craddock
09 Nov 2003Stedman CatersDavid Salter
12 Oct 2003Plain Bob MinorRichard Thompson
28 Sep 2003Spliced Surprise MajorChristine Hill
24 Aug 2003Bristol Surprise MajorChristine Hill
27 Jul 2003Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
13 Jul 2003London Surprise MajorChristine Hill
29 Jun 2003Yorkshire Surprise MajorChristine Hill
22 Jun 2003Plain Bob MinorAndrew Craddock
25 May 2003 MinorChristine Hill
13 Apr 2003Spliced Surprise MajorChristine Hill
23 Mar 2003Plain Bob MinorChristine Hill
23 Feb 2003Plain Bob DoublesNot Known
18 Jan 2003Stedman CatersAndrew Craddock
12 Jan 2003Cambridge Surprise MajorCeri Dodd
29 Dec 2002Plain Bob CatersChristine Hill
24 Nov 2002Grandsire TriplesDavid Salter
23 Nov 2002Cambridge Surprise RoyalPeter Hill
23 Nov 2002Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
27 Oct 2002Cambridge Surprise MinorRichard Thompson
25 Aug 2002Plain Bob DoublesChristine Hill
28 Jul 2002Plain Bob DoublesAndrew Craddock
14 Jul 2002Superlative Surprise RoyalPeter Hill
23 Jun 2002Plain Bob DoublesKatie Hill
09 Jun 2002Spliced Surprise RoyalTony Smith
26 May 2002Plain Bob DoublesDavid Salter
28 Apr 2002Cambridge Surprise MajorChristine Saunders
14 Apr 2002Rutland Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
24 Mar 2002London Surprise MinorAndrew Craddock
10 Mar 2002Plain Bob DoublesDavid Salter
24 Feb 2002Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
10 Feb 2002Grandsire TriplesPeter Hill
13 Jan 2002Grandsire CatersRichard Thompson
16 Dec 2001Plain Bob MinorPeter Hill
01 Dec 2001Stedman TriplesDavid Salter
01 Dec 2001Plain Bob DoublesPeter Hill
11 Nov 2001Bristol Surprise RoyalPeter Hill
28 Oct 2001Plain Bob DoublesChristine Hill
14 Sep 2001Grandsire CatersTony Smith
09 Sep 2001Lincolnshire Surprise RoyalTony Smith
26 Aug 2001Spliced Surprise MajorChristine Hill
12 Aug 2001London Surprise MajorPeter Hill
22 Jul 2001Spliced Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
08 Jul 2001Bristol Surprise RoyalPeter Hill
24 Jun 2001Plain Bob DoublesRichard Thompson
10 Jun 2001Cambridge Surprise Minor & Stedman DoublesAndrew Craddock
22 Apr 2001Plain Bob MinorRichard Thompson
08 Apr 2001Rutland Surprise RoyalAndrew Craddock
25 Mar 2001Cambridge Surprise MinorChristine Hill
11 Mar 2001Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
25 Feb 2001Plain Bob DoublesPeter Hill
28 Jan 2001Plain Bob DoublesPeter Hill
26 Nov 2000Plain Bob DoublesDavid Salter
12 Nov 2000Grandsire CatersRichard Thompson
08 Oct 2000Grandsire DoublesJohn Croft
10 Sep 2000Plain Bob DoublesMichael McTiffin
13 Aug 2000Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
23 Jul 2000Plain Bob TriplesPeter Hill
25 Jun 2000Plain Bob DoublesChristine Hill
11 Jun 2000Erin CatersRichard Thompson
14 May 2000Yorkshire Surprise MajorTony Smith
23 Apr 2000Grandsire TriplesDavid Salter
09 Apr 2000Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
26 Mar 2000Plain Bob DoublesRichard Thompson
12 Mar 2000Plain Bob DoublesRichard Thompson
27 Feb 2000Cambridge Surprise MajorChristine Hill
13 Feb 2000Plain Bob DoublesPeter Hill
23 Jan 2000Spliced CatersRichard Thompson
09 Jan 2000Hursley Delight MajorChristine Hill
24 Dec 1999Plain Bob DoublesChristine Hill
12 Dec 1999Spliced Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
10 Oct 1999Kent Surprise MajorRichard Thompson
26 Sep 1999Cambridge Surprise MajorPeter Hill
18 Sep 1999Grandsire TriplesGeoffrey White
12 Sep 1999Stedman TriplesAndrew Craddock
27 Jun 1999Plain Bob MajorPeter Hill
13 Jun 1999Glasgow Surprise MajorChristine Hill
23 May 1999Stedman TriplesDavid Salter
25 Apr 1999Cambridge Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
11 Apr 1999Plain Bob DoublesDavid Salter
28 Mar 1999Grandsire TriplesRichard Thompson
14 Mar 1999Grandsire CatersRichard Thompson
28 Feb 1999Plain Bob MajorChristine Hill
14 Feb 1999Plain Bob DoublesDavid Salter
10 Jan 1999Bristol Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
27 Dec 1998Stedman DoublesPeter Hill
20 Dec 1998 MinorPeter Hill
13 Dec 1998Yorkshire Surprise MajorPeter Hill
22 Nov 1998 DoublesRichard Thompson
08 Nov 1998Stedman TriplesDavid Salter
25 Oct 1998Plain Bob TriplesJohn Dodd
26 Jul 1998Cambridge Surprise MinorDavid Salter
12 Jul 1998Cambridge Surprise MinorDavid Salter
28 Jun 1998London No.3 Surprise RoyalChristine Hill
14 Jun 1998Pudsey Surprise MajorChristine Hill
22 Mar 1998Cambridge Surprise MajorChristine Hill
08 Mar 1998Lincolnshire Surprise MajorChristine Hill
22 Feb 1998Grandsire CatersTony Smith
11 Jan 1998Cambridge Surprise RoyalTony Smith
30 Nov 1997Bristol Surprise MajorChris Kippin
09 Nov 1997Spliced Surprise MajorRichard Thompson
12 Oct 1997Yorkshire Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
28 Sep 1997Cambridge Surprise MinorAndrew Craddock
24 Aug 1997Cambridge Surprise MajorRichard Thompson
10 Aug 1997Cambridge Surprise MinorDavid Salter
27 Jul 1997London Surprise MajorTony Smith
08 Jun 1997Yorkshire Surprise MajorAndrew Craddock
11 May 1997Lincolnshire Surprise MajorDavid Salter
09 Mar 1997Yorkshire Surprise RoyalAndrew Craddock
22 Dec 1996Grandsire CatersAndrew Craddock