Socities that have rung peals of Norman Smith's Spliced Surprise Major (23m atw)

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2Around Ringers3173
4Bath & Wells D A627230
5Bedfordshire A10309
6Bristol U S2132
7Cambridge U G8435
8Central European A5213
9Chester D G8305
10Coventry D G2152
11Derby D A7336
12Devonshire S181
13Dorset C A181
14Durham & Newc D A7256
15Durham U S181
16East Meets West2112
17Ely D A24707
18Essex A14519
19Friends Reunited2132
20G Devonshire Ringers5284
21Glos & Bristol D A3811123
22Guild of St Benedict181
23Guildford D G174912
24Hereford D G676019
25Hertford C A9528
26Kent C A10439
27Lancashire A7111329
28Leeds U S2151
29Leicester D G2152
30Lichfield & Wal A S3153
31Lincoln D G3132
32Liverpool Universities S181
33Llandaff & Mon D A2152
34London C A2151
35London U S7367
36Lundy Island S181
37Middx C A & Lond D G18379
38Non Association5520736
39North Staffs A292
40Oxford D G277515
41Oxford S2112
42Oxford U S4254
43Peterborough D G2162
44S Northants S181
45S of Cambridge Youths163612
46Salisbury D G2162
47Scottish A4134
48Shropshire A4214
49Southern U A181
50Southwell & Nottingham D G181
51Southwell D G7336
53St James' G288022
54St Martin's G6286
55St Michael's S181
56St Olave's S3242
57St Thomas S2122
58Suffolk G181
59Surrey A4314
60Sussex C A3163
61Truro D G3153
62Winc & Ports D G17589
63Yorkshire A3010119

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