Peals of Norman Smith's Spliced Surprise Major (23m atw) rung by Neil Bennett

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Peal No.T/HDate RungSocietyLocationBell(s)Cond
1T31 Dec 1966Lancashire ABilsborrow 2
2T07 Jan 1967Lancashire AHigher Walton 5C
3T19 Mar 1967Lancashire AMilnrow 4
4T31 Dec 1986Lancashire ABilsborrow 2
5T31 Dec 1996Lancashire ABilsborrow 2
6T30 Jun 2005Hereford D GBurghill 2
7T11 Aug 2005Hereford D GBurghill 3
8T17 Aug 2005Hereford D GKingsland 6
9T15 Oct 2005Shropshire AStanton Lacy 8
10T14 Jan 2007Lancashire ABilsborrow 5
11T21 Mar 2007Hereford D GLlangattock 6
12T04 Jul 2007Hereford D GLlanfeugan 2
13T11 Oct 2007Hereford D GBurghill 7
14T18 Oct 2007Hereford D GBroughton, Staffs 2C
15T19 Dec 2008Hereford D GKingsland 2
16T27 Feb 2009Hereford D GKingsland 4
17T23 Jul 2009Hereford D GBurghill 3
18T12 Nov 2009ASCYBurghill 3
19T18 Mar 2010Hereford D GLlanfeugan 3
20T26 Aug 2010Hereford D GBurghill 2
21T09 Sep 2010Hereford D GBurghill 2
22T28 Dec 2010ASCYRoss on Wye 7
23T17 Mar 2011Hereford D GHolme Lacy, St Cuthbert 3
24T07 Jul 2011Hereford D GCradley, Herefordshire 4
25T08 Sep 2011Hereford D GBurghill 5
26T15 Dec 2011Hereford D GEardisland 4
27T28 Dec 2011ASCYMorville 4
28T05 Jan 2012Hereford D GBurghill 3
29T19 Jan 2012Hereford D GBridstow 4
30T08 Mar 2012Hereford D GBurghill 3
31T13 Jun 2012Hereford D GKingsland 4
32T14 Jun 2012Hereford D GLlanfeugan 5
33T05 Jul 2012Hereford D GBurghill 2
34T14 Oct 2012Non AssociationWorcester, St Martin in the Cornmarket 5
35T06 Jun 2013Hereford D GYarkhill 3
36T19 Jul 2013Hereford D GWelshpool 5
37T30 Aug 2013Hereford D GBerriew 6
38T30 Jan 2014Hereford D GBromyard 3
39T05 Jun 2014Hereford D GBurghill 4
40T02 Jul 2014Hereford D GWorcester, St Stephen, Barbourne 2
41T07 Aug 2014Hereford D GBurghill 2
42T20 Aug 2014Hereford D GYarkhill 2
43T29 Oct 2014Hereford D GKingsland 6
44T05 Mar 2015Hereford D GBurghill 3
45T12 Mar 2015Hereford D GBurghill 6
46T11 Jun 2015Hereford D GBurghill 2
47T09 Jul 2015Hereford D GBurghill 3
48T23 Jul 2015Hereford D GBurghill 1
49T07 Apr 2016Hereford D GWorcester, St Martin in the Cornmarket4
50T28 Apr 2016Hereford D GBurghill5
51T11 Aug 2016Hereford D GBurghill7
52T25 Aug 2016Hereford D GHolme Lacy, St Cuthbert2
53T29 Oct 2016Hereford D GWelshpool2
54T03 Nov 2016Hereford D GYarkhill8
55T30 Dec 2016Hereford D GKingsland4
56T31 Dec 2016Lancashire ABilsborrow4
57T14 Jan 2017Lichfield & Wal A SEdgmond2
58T25 May 2017Hereford D GEardisland5
59T01 Jun 2017Hereford D GYarkhill7
60T22 Jun 2017Hereford D GWorcester, St Martin in the Cornmarket8
61T08 Jul 2017Shropshire ACheswardine2
62T10 Aug 2017Hereford D GYarkhill4
63T09 Sep 2017Hereford D GHereford, Cathedral3

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