Peals of Norman Smith's Spliced Surprise Major (23m atw) rung by Richard J Parker

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Peal No.T/HDate RungSocietyLocationBell(s)Cond
1T31 Dec 1966Lancashire ABilsborrow 6
2T07 Jan 1967Lancashire AHigher Walton 8
3T19 Mar 1967Lancashire AMilnrow 7
4T18 Feb 1968Glos & Bristol D ALongney 4
5T05 Dec 1976Lancashire AAccrington 7
6T31 Dec 1986Lancashire ABilsborrow 6C
7T15 Jul 1987Lancashire AHeptonstall 3
8T17 Oct 1987Yorkshire APudsey 6
9T18 Feb 1989Glos & Bristol D AKingsbury, Warks 4
10T23 Sep 1990Lancashire ABirstall, W Yorks 7
11T24 Jun 1991Yorkshire APenistone 3
12T11 Jan 1992Lancashire AEccles 3
13T09 May 1992Lancashire ASkipton in Craven 5C
14T22 May 1994Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4C
15T23 Jan 1995Lancashire AHeptonstall 7
16T08 Apr 1995Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 7
17T19 May 1995Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 8
18T08 Dec 1995Lancashire AHeywood 3
19T16 Feb 1996Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 3C
20T21 Sep 1996ASCYAmbleside 5
21T31 Dec 1996Lancashire ABilsborrow 6C
22T30 Jan 1998Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4
23T08 May 1998Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 6
24T30 May 1998Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4
25T23 Jun 1999Lancashire AWalkden 5
26T04 Nov 1999ASCYBurnley, St Peter 4
27T09 Jun 2001Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4
28T02 Aug 2001Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 6C
29T23 May 2002Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 5
30T16 Nov 2002Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 6
31T14 Jan 2007Lancashire ABilsborrow 6
32T11 Nov 2007Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4
33T23 Jan 2014Lancashire ABurnley, St Peter 4
34T31 Dec 2016Lancashire ABilsborrow6

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