Peals of Norman Smith's Spliced Surprise Major (23m atw) rung at Cambridge, Trumpington

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Peal No.T/HDate RungGuild
1T06 Jun 1981Ely D A
2T30 Jul 1991Non Association
3T15 May 1997ASCY
4T12 Dec 1997SRCY
5T02 Jan 2005St James' G
6T06 Mar 2005St James' G
7T10 Jul 2005S of Cambridge Youths
8T03 Sep 2005S of Cambridge Youths
9T11 Sep 2005St James' G
10T15 Oct 2006Bedfordshire A
11T24 Feb 2008SRCY
12T02 Mar 2008St James' G
13T28 Dec 2010Ely D A
14T22 Jan 2011St James' G
15T13 Feb 2011Ely D A
16T20 Mar 2011Ely D A
17T29 Apr 2011Ely D A
18T04 Jun 2012Ely D A
19T18 Jan 2014Ely D A
20T23 Mar 2014Non Association
21T18 May 2014Ely D A
22T27 Sep 2014Ely D A
23T04 Mar 2017Ely D A
24T20 May 2017Ely D A
25T26 Aug 2017Ely D A
26T09 Dec 2017Ely D A
27T14 Jan 2018Ely D A

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